29/06/2011 - Runtime-Compiled C++

I've recently been working with two other ex-Crytekkers, Doug Binks and Matthew Jack, on a framework for applications/games that allows you to make heavy modifications to C++ code at runtime without having to restart! It was presented at the Paris Game/AI conference on June 24th and the code has now been made open source under a permissive licence. You can follow the project on this blog:

8/05/2011 - Another General Update

It appears I've made a liar out of myself and not been able to update like I had planned after all! I've recently accepted a job that requires major relocation across the country in a few weeks time, so I've been busy organizing that and with working full time on my external contracting work to get it done before the big move. I still have my other projects on the todo list and I'm slowing making progress with them, but it's hard now to say when I'll hit significant milestones and have stuff worth posting here. Have no fear though, there will be awesomeness in the future!

16/03/2011 - General Update

It's been a while since I updated the webpage, but rest assured, I'm still here! Some external project work has cut into my development time a bit, but I'm working on Avatarmageddon Evolved and Grow at the moment, plus another little project which I should be putting up here soon.

I'll try to keep the updates coming a bit more frequently, with some cool stuff to show.

16/11/2010 - Avatarmageddon Update Available

Avatarmageddon has been updated with some bug fixes and small improvements. The update is free and automatic for anyone who has already purchased the game.

List of improvements:

  • Player is now invulnerable while repairing artifact
  • Changed HUD to deal with placement of HUD objects too close to the screen edge
  • Artifact Health Bar is now yellow to match Repair Energy Bar
  • Added tutorial screen explaining HUD elements
  • Added shadows to powerup spheres
  • Improved player shield sphere proportions to minimise chance of avatar clipping through it

Download the trial or purchase the full game here.





29/10/2010 - Avatarmageddon Now Available!

Avatarmageddon is now available for purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for only 80 MS Points.

Download the trial or purchase the full game here.



23/10/2010 - Avatarmageddon in Peer Review

Avatarmageddon is finished and currently in peer review. It should become available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace in the next few days. In the meantime, you can see some screenshots from the final version here.



17/10/2010 - Lamingtons Zero update now available

The updated version of Lamingtons Zero is now available on the XBox Live Indie Games Marketplace. Featuring updated graphics, improved enemy behavior, and various small fixes and improvements, it's free to download for anyone who has already bought the game.

NOTE: The Marketplace website may still be showing boxart and screenshot thumbnails from the old version, but rest assured that it is the new version, and if you click on the thumbnails for the screenshots, you will actually see the updated screenshots (also available on this site).

Lamingtons Zero Updated


11/10/2010 - Avatarmageddon

The XNA One Week Challenge became a 10 Day Challenge due to the Creators Club website going down for maintenance, but Avatarmageddon is now in the playtest/polishing phase! I've made a copy available to download from this site, which can be played by anyone with an XNA Creators Club membership.

You can check out some screenshots and download the beta here.



30/09/2010 - XNA One Week Challenge

I've decided to have a go at the XNA One Week Challenge, and make a game called Avatarmageddon. The idea is to try and get a fun game made and into playtesting in a week.

You can see the discussion on this challenge here.

Stay tuned for further updates as development proceeds.


22/09/2010 - Lamingtons Zero Updated!

I've put up a new trailer and screenshots for the updated version of Lamingtons Zero, which will be available one the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace as soon as it finishes peer review:

Lamingtons Zero


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